Experience the magical underwater world of East Bali and the surrounding area with our onsite dive center, the ‘Siddhartha Dive Center’. For scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, Siddhartha Oceanfront Resort & Spa is the perfect destination. Our fully equipped SSI Dive Center is located within the resort grounds, just a few meters away from world-class diving and snorkeling sites. Explore the legendary underwater beauty off the shores of East Bali, Amed, and Nusa Penida, well known for thriving coral reefs, rare macro sightings, and remarkable biodiversity.

If you are ready for your next dive or snorkel adventure, search no more. We offer guided diving and snorkeling to explore the coral reefs and black sands of this spectacular shoreline. For certified divers, we have exciting Specialty Courses taught by experienced SSI instructors to expand and improve your current skills and knowledge. For non-divers, we welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the magic of the underwater world with our Try Scuba program. Diving aside, for the ones that prefer to stay afloat on the surface level we offer mesmerizing snorkeling opportunities at any of the surrounding reefs and dive sites.

The Kubu Marine Park, our stunningly successful reef restoration project, can be found directly in front of the Dive Center and is one of our house reefs teeming with fish and healthy coral formations. The Boga Wreck, sunk in 2012 serves as a house reef dive for resort guests. Whether you would like to explore the famous USAT Liberty Wreck, dive sites around the Tulamben area, Amed, or go further afield to Nusa Penida to experience diving with manta rays and mola molas, we will make sure you will never forget the diving & snorkeling in this beautiful part of the world.


Our fully equipped SSI dive center is conveniently located within the grounds of the resort. Just 50 meters from the shore, we offer direct access to some of Bali’s famous world-class diving and snorkeling, as well as a great place to meet and greet your new dive or snorkel buddies! Our Dive Center overlooks the ocean with an open area that is perfect for gathering before and after a dive and looking through fish ID books. It also acts as our open-air classroom for courses.

Siddhartha’s exceptional dive facilities and personalized service cater to every need. We adhere to European standards across the board with our guest and staff safety a top priority. We have 30 full sets of state-of-the-art rental equipment available onsite within our full-service dive center and two Coltri compressors as well as an NRC nitrox membrane system, a modern boat, air-conditioned cars, and a well-equipped dive and workshop.
The Siddhartha Dive Center is built with divers and snorkelers in mind, with all the amenities you need to make your diving and snorkeling experience nothing less than smooth and enjoyable. There are toilets and showers, storage lockers, large equipment rinse tanks, and plenty of storage space to clean, hang, and dry your equipment –ready for your next adventure to the stunning underwater world of East Bali.
All privately owned and rented equipment is stored safely at the dive center. And when we say full service, we mean it! – our dive staff load and unload your diving equipment for each dive excursion in and out of our transport vehicles or dive boat, as well as thoroughly everything in fresh water and store appropriately again after each use. When it comes to safety, our dive boat and cars are equipped with oxygen, a first aid kit, and a mobile phone – on hand for every dive. The nearest diving doctor, who also operates the recompression chamber, is here in Bali at Sanglah General Hospital in Denpasar.


We offer a full range of SSI courses ranging from your first underwater experience with our Try Scuba program, to Advanced Diver certification and Specialty Courses to improve your current skills or to learn new ones! Our open-air area is the perfect classroom environment for scuba diving education, as well as a great place to go through fish ID books with your guides post-dive or snorkel. Experience the magical underwater world of East Bali with our incredibly fun, friendly and professional dive team!


Try Scuba with an introductory dive for first-timers wanting to experience the magical underwater world. This will give you the chance to discover the hidden treasures of the ocean and simultaneously try out the practical side of a diving course. You can book your Try Scuba at our Dive Center upon arrival or email us directly at dive@siddhartha-bali.com.


Learn to be a scuba diver and get ready for an experience of a lifetime! Complete the Open Water Diver course with Siddhartha Dive Center to receive an internationally recognized diving certification from Scuba Schools International (SSI). We also offer the next level in training, the Advanced Open Water Diver. Contact us via email at dive@siddhartha-bali.com to book your course today!


Continue your adventure by taking one of our exciting Specialty Courses taught by experienced instructors to expand and improve your current skills and knowledge. Choose from Enriched Air Nitrox, Deep Diving, Navigation, Wreck Diving, plus many more from the SSI advanced training programs. Contact us directly to enquire about any courses you might be interested in: dive@siddhartha-bali.com



Spectacular reefs, exciting drifts, and the weird and wonderful world of macro await you off the shores of East Bali. There are well over 50 dive & snorkel sites accessible by boat or by car from the Siddhartha Dive Center. Our house reef, along with our amazingly successful reef restoration project, The Kubu Marine Park, is directly in front of the resort and dive center. Along with easy access to what feels like our very own wreck dive, the Boga!
Siddhartha’s dive boat – ‘Baba’ accommodates up to 10 guests and we have several minibusses available for use, allowing easy access to all that Bali has to offer for diving and snorkeling, resulting in more flexibility, accommodating guest requests, and the ability to offer truly individual diving.
Dive and snorkel sites in the nearby Tulamben and Amed areas are within easy reach, including the famous USAT Liberty Wreck. A large selection of dive sites can be reached within 5 to 20 minutes from the resort, with the dive sites around Amed around 45 minutes away.
Daily departures for local diving and snorkeling around Kubu and Tulamben by car or by boat (depending on conditions) are at 8:30 and 13:30. We also offer full-day trip excursions further afield to dive or snorkel with manta rays and mola molas in Nusa Penida. The dive sites around Nusa Penida in the south-eastern region of Bali can be reached by boat within 1.5 – 2 hours. Full-day trips to Padangbai, Nusa Penida, and Amed start between 6:30 and 8:00 in the morning and return to the resort between 15:00 and 17:00 depending on the distance of the trip. On full-day excursions, during which 2 dives are made, guests will be provided with lunch, water, and soft drinks, included in the price of the dive package.
Siddhartha is located approximately 4 – 5 hours away from Bali´s other dive or snorkel highlights, such as Nusa Mengjangan and Lovina in the north, Nusa Menjangan, and Secret Bay in the west. For those who prefer to snorkel, we offer magnificent snorkeling opportunities at all of the surrounding reefs and dive sites. Join us to explore the remarkable coral reefs and experience the incredible biodiversity, all off the shores of Bali!


The Kubu Marine Park is the protected area in front of the resort and home to our house reefs! There is direct access right from the beachfront, through our dive center. Our reef restoration project has been wonderfully successful, with numerous objects now completely covered in corals and teeming with fish.

Our house reef stretches over a length of 350 meters. You can choose between 6 different entry and exit points. Our staff is ready to lend assistance for shore entries and exits anywhere on the house reef with equipment brought to your desired entry point and brought back to the dive center after your dive as well.

Entries 1 to 4 are distributed over the entire width of the resort. All four entries have orientation lines. The shallow areas slope down very gently over a distance of 30 meters to a depth of 5-6 meters. From 3 to 14 meters depth there is a nearly continuous coral reef with many bigger blocks of coral. Starting at a depth of 15 meters, the reef slopes down at a 45° angle. This sandy slope with its numerous blocks of coral is nice to follow during descent. Turtles, trumpetfish, batfish, snappers, and schooling fish such as trevallies and fusiliers, all love to make the Kubu Marine Park their home. Also look for nudibranchs, leaf fish, pipefish, lionfish, and perhaps some stingrays in the sand.

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Our house reef also has access to a wreck! The Boga was purposely sunk in September 2012 to offer more dive opportunities in the area and to increase marine diversity. The boat is about 50 meters long and is located from 16 to 35 meters deep. This dive site is great for advanced divers and for completing the Deep Dive Specialty. You can reach Boga very easily from our house reef at entry point number 6. You will start the dive from the beach, descending the sandy slope until you see the impressive bow of the Boga.
Explore the wreck by swimming around the outside where you will find a steering wheel and fully intact propeller. For more experienced divers you can penetrate and explore the wreck where you will find a VW Jeep, various buddha statues, used scuba tanks, and other sunken treasures.

More and more fish come to live at the Boga, and it has become a fantastic artificial reef. Schools of trevallies, batfish, and fusiliers gather around the wreck. In the sand, look for garden eels and stingrays. Moray eels, lionfish, ghost pipefish, nudibranch, leaffish, scorpionfish, and pipefish all make the Boga their home.

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The world-famous wreck, USAT Liberty, can be reached in only a few minutes by boat or by car from Siddhartha. In 1942, during the second world war, she was torpedoed by the Japanese and beached at Tulamben so the cargo could be salvaged. Here she stood until the tremors from the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 caused it to slip off the beach. The Liberty now lies on a sandy slope, starting at around 5 meters and stretching down to approximately 30 meters deep.
Excursions to Tulamben and Seraya area dive and snorkel sites generally leave Siddhartha at 8:30 in the morning, returning at approximately 10:30. Afternoon dives depart at 13:30 and return to the dive center at 15:30. A special highlight is our early morning dive at 6:00 am to the Liberty Wreck. Night dives by car to the Liberty Wreck are also possible on request.

The Liberty attracts an abundance of healthy coral and marine life. A school of green humphead parrotfish is often seen on early morning and night dives. The corals attract colorful anthias and the wreck is a hiding place for barracuda, sweetlips, snappers, butterflyfish, and more. Turtles and blacktip reef sharks are also known to stop by at the wreck. Look out to the sandy patches for fields of garden eels.

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All the top dive sites in this area are easily accessible from Siddhartha by car or by boat. The USAT Liberty Wreck is one of the main dive site attractions in Tulamben, however, not to be overlooked is the diversity in the surrounding sites such as Tulamben Drop Off, Coral Gardens, Melasti, and Emerald
Home to a huge school of jacks, sweet lips, and other reef fish, we can’t overlook the magnificent macro in this area – enthusiasts and underwater photographers come from all over the world to dive the volcanic black sands here and explore the diversity of marine life and coral formations. If you have never experienced muck diving before, this is going to be a great introduction! And for those seasoned black sand divers, you will love looking at all the weird and wonderful critters that these areas have to offer.

Seraya Secret, Batu Belah, Batu Niti, Tulamben Drop Off, Emerald…there are so many dive sites to mention in Tulamben and Seraya, come and see for yourself and experience the world-famous diving in these areas. It seems that black sandy areas attract the most amazing creatures. Some of the things you may encounter are harlequin shrimp, leaf fish, nudibranchs, hermit crabs, boxer crabs, ghost pipefish, demon stingers, stonefish, crocodile fish, bumblebee shrimp, stingrays, bobtail squid, and tiger shrimp. The rich volcanic sand is also a healthy home for corals and sponges, look in the sea fans for pygmy seahorses and pink squat lobsters in the barrel sponges.

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All the top dive sites in this area are easily accessible from Siddhartha by car or by boat. The USAT Liberty Wreck is one of the main dive site attractions in Tulamben, however, not to be overlooked is the diversity in the surrounding sites such as Tulamben Drop Off, Coral Gardens, Melasti, and Emerald
The Japanese shipwreck is easily accessed and lies on a sloping reef between 3-12 meters in depth. A patrol ship that sank during the second world war, it is a great dive for beginner and advanced divers alike. Teeming with damsel and other colorful reef fish, you will also find healthy and strong gorgonian sea fans with plenty of macro critters to spot.

Pyramids, a reef restoration project and Amed Wall can be gentle drift dives with chances to see turtles, bluespotted stingrays, reef sharks, and plenty of reef fish. Along with great creatures such as leaf fish, nudibranchs, mantis shrimps, and ribbon eels. At Ghost Bay and other muck diving sites you might be lucky enough to spot Rhinopias, seahorses, ghost pipefish, moray eels, Shaun the Sheep nudibranchs, mimic octopus, feather star shrimps, frogfish, pipefish, and cowfish, the list is endless.

Siddhartha Dive Center’s eagle-eyed guides know where to find and how to spot the amazing, camouflaged sea life hiding in the black sands reef of Amed.
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Padangbai is a small port south of Siddhartha. It is the main northern harbor from where boats depart to Nusa Penida, but it is also a dive area in its own right offering outstanding dives. Padangbai Jetty is a treasure trove of macro wonders. The holy grail of fish, Rhinopias, have been seen here, as well as blue-ringed octopus, nudibranch, cuttlefish, and pipefish. On the jetty posts, we can look for frogfish and schools of catfish.
Blue Lagoon dive site sits protected inside a beautiful bay. There are lovely coral heads in the shallows, dropping down to a rubbly and sandy slope. Here, divers have a very good chance to see frogfish, reef octopus, demon stingers, pygmy seahorses, ghost pipefish, and leaf fish. Look closely at the anemonefish, they often have the eerie tongue biter parasites in their mouths.

Other, more advanced dive sites, include the Ferry Channel Mimpang, Gili Biaha, and Gili Tepekong. These sites are very exposed, so good weather is necessary. The currents can run fast but provide the opportunity and potential for action-packed dives and the possibility for sharks and rare sightings of Mola Mola (giant sunfish).

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Padangbai is a small port south of Siddhartha. It is the main northern harbor from where boats depart to Nusa Penida, but it is also a dive area in its own right offering outstanding dives. Padangbai Jetty is a treasure trove of macro wonders. The holy grail of fish, Rhinopias, have been seen here, as well as blue-ringed octopus, nudibranch, cuttlefish, and pipefish. On the jetty posts, we can look for frogfish and schools of catfish.
A dive at Crystal Bay starts on a sandy area with large coral heads. We start looking out for Molas as soon as we jump in the water. Outside the bay is a steep rocky slope where the sunfish most often appear, coming up from the deep. Wobbegong sharks and giant frogfish have also been spotted here. At Manta Point there’s a large cleaning station and if the manta rays are around, you have the joyful opportunity to hover and watch the mantas dance in front of you.

On the northern and eastern sides of Nusa Penida, the reefs are covered with stunning hard corals, where schooling fish, as well as a large number of small and big fish species, can be seen. A perfect site for a drift dive. Nusa Penida trips are full-day excursions. We travel by car to Padangbai where we take our private speed boat another 45 minutes to reach Nusa Penida and its surrounding dive sites

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