The dive center is located within the grounds of the Siddhartha Ocean Front Resort and Spa, in the small village of Kubu, north-east Bali.

The dive center is situated 50m from the shore. As all other dive centers, it was built for divers, by divers. This dive center has everything you’d expect from a facility. It is a full-service facility with a modern boat, air conditioned cars, dive shop, well equiped work shop, gear rinse and storage. The rental gear is on state of the art:

  • 30 BCDs
  • 30 regulators with octopus, SPG & inflator hose
  • 25 sets of masks, fins & snorkels
  • 30 wetsuits (3mm shorties & 3mm long)
  • 15 dive computers
  • 10 torches
  • 1 digital underwater camera

Air & Nitrox

There are 92 x 12 litre and 8 x 15 litre aluminium tanks (DIN & INT) filled by 2 Coltri compressors. Nitrox is produced by a NRC membrane system  and is free of additional charge.

Private Equipment

All privately owned and rented equipment is stored at the dive centre. Our staff will load your diving equipment for dive excursions into the transport vehicles or onto the dive boat. They will also bring your equipment back to the dive centre, rinse it in fresh water and store it once again after each excursion. This service ensures that guests need not concern themselves with these menial tasks.


On request, a member of staff will assist guests who wish to carry out minor equipment repairs in our well equipped workshop.

Tank Service

A 50c service charge per dive is included in the bill. The tank service gives the fishermen an economic incentive to keep our reef healthy and avoid destructive fishing methods.


Our dive boat and cars are equipped with oxygen, a first aid kit and a mobile phone. The nearest diving doctor, who also operates the recompression chamber, is in Denpasar (Sanglah General Hospital, Diponegoro Street).

Training & diving courses

Introductory Dives

We offer introductory dives for first timers wanting to experience the underwater world. This gives the chance to discover the hidden treasures of the Indonesian Ocean whilst experiencing the practical side of a diving course under instruction from a professional.

Dive Courses

The beginners course takes between 3 – 4 days. Students are taught both the theory and practical aspects of diving in small groups by a professional dive instructor. The student will receive an internationally recognised diving certification (Open Water Diver – International Aquanautic Club). Alternatively one can opt for PADI or SSI Open Water Diver. Training for certification up to the level of SSI DiveCon, CMAS Gold & PADI Divemaster is also possible for advanced divers. Practically any speciality course can be undertaken by interested divers, following certification in SSI, i.a.c. or PADI.

House Reef

Our house reef is more than 350 m in length, with six entry/exit points. Our staff are on hand to transport your equipment to and from the dive centre and to assist you with entry and exit at any point on the house reef.

siddhartha house reefEntries 1 – 4 are spread over the entire length of the resort, each having an orientation line. The shallow area slopes very gently over a distance of 30 m to a depth of 5 – 6 m. Between 3 – 14 m depth the reef is largely continuous with many coral blocks. At 15m depth there is a sandy slope down at 45 degrees with numerous coral blocks. This makes for a really nice descent where you may find different moray eels, in particular zebra morays, barracudas, mackerel, sting rays, scorpion fish and nudibranchs. In the shallower areas there are schoold of groupers, fusiliers and sweetlips. Also turtles, leaf scorpion fish, napoleon wrasse and ghost pipe fish are regularly seen here.

At entry number 5, there is a sandy plateau which then slopes downwards. This entry point is not marked by an orientation line. Coral growth starts at 18m where octopi, sepia, flounders, garden eels, nudibranchs and juvenile lip fish can be seen.

Further to the west is entry number 6, marked with an orientation line. Here is a beautiful cold lava stream descending to a depth of 30 m where you can often see barracudas hovering in the mild current.

The diving area of entries 5 and 6 are sheltered from the current. Between entry points 1 – 4, the current can sometimes be strong in an easterly direction, or there can be no current at all. The water temperature on the house reef is between 27 – 29° C.

Night dives on the house reef are particularly beautiful. The entire reef glows and sparkles with the reflective eyes of many varieties of shrimp. We frequently find Spanish dancers and other large nudibranchs. However the highlight is definitely the large number of lobsters that can be found after sunset.

Boga wreck
Not far from the house reef is the wreck of the “Boga”, which was sunk in September 2012. It can easily be reached from entry number 6. The wreck is about 50m in length and displays an increasing amount of colonisation by a variety of residents.

Dive Area

Nearly all the top dive sites can be reached from Siddhartha. Our 10m dive boat can accommodate up to 10 guests and there are several minibuses at our disposal, which enables greater flexibility in planning dives around individual requirements. A large selection of dive sites can be reached within 5 – 20 mins. Sites around Amed are 45 mins away and the sites in the south east Region, around Padangbai and Nusa penida are 1.5 – 2 hrs away.

Tulamben and Kubu

Other popular highlights are the famous “Liberty” wreck and “Tulamben Drop Off”. They can be reached in  a few minutes by both car and boat. Excursions to these dive sites depart at either 8:30 or 15:30 and take approx 2 hrs. A special highlight is the early morning dive at 6:00 a.m to the “Liberty” wreck in Tulamben or the “Boga” wreck in Kubu. Wreck night dives by car are also available on request.


There are regular trips by car to the Macro Paradis south of Kubu. On request we also offer double tank trips to this unique “muck” dive site in Seraya.
Lots of juvenile fish can be seen at the small, shallow dome-shaped Seraya artificial reef, and rare critters on the sandy slopes from 15-30 meters depth.
Marine life seen at the seraya dive site include seahorses, small frogfish, ghost pipefish, and moray eels. Boxer crabs, tiger shrimp, and harlequin shrimp can also be seen but may be more difficult to find.


Gili Selang is a small islet lying just off the eastern most point of island Bali only 40 minutes car ride from Kubu. The protected areas in the shallows between the mainland and Gili Selang host large colonies of leather corals and brain corals. Directly to the north of the island lies the most protected section of the site.

As you work your way down the black sand reef slope you’ll find big black coral bushes and gorgonian fans, hosting pygmy seahorse.
Here you’ll find some of Bali’s healthiest corals. Keep an eye out for bumphead parrotfish, bluefin trevally, lionfish, snappers and white or black tip reef sharks that occasionally patrol these waters.

Nusa Penida

On the eastern side of Bali the pristine reefs around Nusa Penida island are covered with stunning corals. A huge variety of organisms both small and large,can be found here together with many large schools of fish. It is the perfect site for a drift dive ! There are regular sightings of Manta Rays between July and November when the water temperature falls to 17 – 24 C. Mola mola (sunfish) are often seen here too.

Local Dives

Other than shore dives, you also have the option of diving various dive sites which can be reached by boat or by car within 3 – 90 minutes.

On full day excursions, during which 2 dives are made, guests will be provided with lunch, water and soft drinks. This is included in the price of the dive package! The departure time for our excursions to our local dive sites around Kubu and Tulamben by car or by boat is at 8:30 and 13:30. The full day trips to Padangbai, Nusa Penida and Amed start between 6:30 and 8:00 in the morning. Usually we come back between 15:00 and 17:00, depending on the distance of the trip.