Siddhartha Oceanfront Resort & Spa Bali Indonesia
Siddhartha Oceanfront Resort & Spa Bali Indonesia
“Listen to Silence. It has so much to say.”
– Rumi
Today Bali stops. We don’t mean that the island slows down.
We mean that for 24 hours it comes to a complete standstill.
Why? Because today is Nyepi, the Day of Silence. It’s the start of the new year by the Balinese calendar and rather than starting with a bang (that comes before and after) the Balinese go within.
For 24 hours everything pauses (even the airport) and everyone is required to stay home.

Locals take this time for self-reflection, meditation, prayer, and rituals. It’s a time to let go of the past year’s mistakes, and prepare for what lies ahead. In a place that is so rich and abundant with festivals, rituals, and celebrations.

Nyepi is the most important of them all – despite nobody leaving their homes.
Silence and (coincidental) Sustainability
While Nyepi didn’t set out to be an environmental initiative, a day with no driving, no fires, and no electricity, has some strong benefits for Mother Earth.

A 2015 analysis by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) showed a 33% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions on Nyepi Day. The island’s CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 20,000 tons. In more easy to understand terms this amount is the equivalent to the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from 45,021,573 miles driven by your average passenger vehicle or the greenhouse gas emissions avoided by 6,171 tons of waste recycled instead of land-filled*.

Our local marine life also directly benefits from peace and quiet. Scientists discovered a 6-decibel (dB) decrease in noise levels during this important day and this drop in noise is substantial enough to affect fish behavior, including mating rituals**.
In short, the positive impact on the environment this one day has is profound.
Special Offers & Summer Holidays
With long summer days fast approaching we have some special offers to help you make the most of an extended break in the sun.

Our Dive & Travel Show offer and 5-night Rejuvenate Stay Package are available for bookings made before March 31st. Dry season with blue skies and warm temperatures runs all the way through the end of October – if you wish to book now to continue the summer vibes into fall.

We hope you’ll come see the magic that East Bali has to offer.

Dive & Travel Show Special Offer

Balance calming yoga sessions with an ocean view and relaxing massages with an abundance of diving opportunities through direct access to our thriving reef and world-class dive sites..
2023 Dive & Travel Show Special Siddhartha Bali

Limited Time
15% Off Any Reservation

60 Minute Balinese Massage
Airport transfers
Daily Oceanfront Yoga
Divers Also Get 15% Off
when They Pre-Purchase a
6-Pack of Dives
(House Reef & Local Sites)

Book Before March 30, 2023

Spa & Wellness | Rejuvenate Special Offer
Keen for a little more pampering? Immerse yourself in Balinese wellness with a 5-night Rejuvenate Stay.
The highlight of this special offer is five spa treatments, including four that are based around each element: Earth, Water, Fire, and Air; and the quintessential experience of a Balinese massage.

Limited Time
Starting From €800

A minimum five night stay
5 special spa treatments
Airport transfers
Daily Oceanfront Yoga

Book Before March 30, 2023

For more details on all of our special offers for the new year, please click here.
With best wishes for 2023,
Your Siddhartha Oceanfront Resort & Spa Team
*Source: Ni Kadek Surpi 2022 IOP Conf. Ser.: Earth Environ. Sci. 1111 012084
**IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science


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