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Bali may be re-opening but for tomorrow the island will be closing down, just as it has for centuries.

On March 3rd the island of the gods will fall silent in celebration of Nyepi, the Balinese New Year. This unique-to-Bali ritual, which translates as “to keep silent,” is a deeply spiritual day where the island takes a collective pause. Traffic stops (including planes), lights get turned off, and business is definitely not as usual.

The stillness gives locals time to reflect, pray, and connect with themselves.

Before the great quietude comes some big noise.

Typically, on the day of the last new moon before the coming spring equinox, the island gets loud.

Towering, beastly-looking papier mache creations, known as ogoh-ogoh, are made by each village to represent evil spirits. At sunset, these demonic effigies are paraded through the streets as loud music blares in an attempt to scare away all that’s considered evil.

In Bali’s more traditional villages the festival finishes with the ogoh-ogoh being ceremoniously burned to eradicate all wicked influences.  The flames act as a form of purification, cleansing away a person’s inner and outer demons. In the wake of the fire, just like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, the Balinese enter the new year afresh. 

A New Year And A New Start: Rejuvenate | 5 Night Stay
Balinese philosophy is weaved deeply into all that’s on offer at The Six Elements Spa at Siddhartha. When it comes to cleansing the mind and spirit, our spa utilizes the six elements – air, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water – to help bring people into balance. To honor fresh starts and allow our guests to immerse themselves in some much-needed pampering we’ve created a special Spa Indulgence Package with this in mind. In addition to a Balinese massage guests are treated to four therapies, with each inspired by an element: earth, water, fire, and air.
Siddhartha Spa in Bali


Rejuvenate | 5 Night Stay

Book before December 1st, 2022

Rates start from €675

A minimum five night stay
Includes return airport transfer
& five spa treatments per booking

Special Offers & Dive Packages

East Bali offers some world-class diving and snorkeling spots.
Siddhartha’s thriving house reef and the Boga Wreck, a sunken 50 meter long ship, are directly accessible from our oceanfront perch. A short boat distance from the property you’ll find the USAT Liberty, the wreck of a torpedoed ship from the second world war; and Tulumban and Seraya, with a rich diversity of species that draws in underwater photographers from all over the world.
Please check the website here for complete details, valid travel dates, and pricing.

Dive Travel Show Specials Siddhartha Oceanfront Resort & Spa in Bali

Our limited time

Dive & Travel Show Special

Book before April 30th, 2022

15% off any reservation

Includes free 60-minute
Balinese Massage per person
Divers also get 15% off when they
pre-purchase a six-pack of dives
(house reef and local dive sites)

House Reef Siddhartha Diving Bali


Explore | 7 Night Stay

Book before December 1st, 2022

Rates start from €800

A minimum 7 night stay Includes return airport transfer & six guided dives per booking (house reef, local dive sites & equipment rental included) ​

Bali Is SLOWLY Starting To Open

As Bali steps into its new year, we are all getting ready to welcome back travelers to the island. After almost two years, the first international flights landed in Bali in February, and more are scheduled to start up again slowly.
Committing to reopening means asking our guests to travel across the world to reach us. When we make this decision we must be confident that it is a decision that will last. Our exact opening date also depends on YOU, our guests, and to help you with your travel decisions, we continue to offer flexible booking policies. Right now, we have June 2022 as our tentative opening date as we wait for additional relaxing of government restrictions, and increased international access as flights slowly begin to return with regular frequency.

We can’t wait to welcome you back, safely, and are doing all that we can on our end to make sure that we are ready. To stay up-to-date with the latest requirements and restrictions we recommend taking a look at:

Until we meet again,

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