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Happy Lunar New Year! According to the Chinese zodiac, we’re entering the year of the water tiger, a period governed by an animal that denotes strength, vitality, adventure, and risk-taking. After two years of pandemic, we like the sound of 2022 being guided by those characteristics. Although we realize we’re not quite through COVID yet, it’s not stopping us from embracing some of that tiger tenacity as we plan ahead.
Our House Reef Has Thrived During Lockdown
While we’ve been busy on property planting new vegetable gardens, as many resorts have during this time, we have also been doing something slightly different (or maybe quite a lot different) than those around us. We’ve been nurturing a garden under the sea, known as The Kubu Marine Park.
Nature, with a helping hand from us, has been busy in the waters outside our property. With limited people frequenting our house reef and reef restoration project, the area is teeming with even more coral growth and marine life, than before Bali went into lockdown. Marine life such as turtles, trumpetfish, batfish, schooling snappers, sweetlips, and fusiliers, along with leaf fish, lionfish, and even the occasional reef shark or eagle ray can now be found in the waters in front of our resort.

We never wanted to break anything to create something new so the project has taken a long time to get to the stage where it is now. To create the house reef we collected broken hard and soft corals that had separated naturally from other reefs – from strong current, for example – and have successfully used discarded man-made materials as a foundation for growth. Some corals that we didn’t think would even work on the reef have flourished during recent times. We’re looking forward to you being able to experience it firsthand.

Coral Reef Bali
Our Special Offers Make The Most Of The Reef And Nearby Diving Hotspots

Our dive packages cater to a range of underwater enthusiasts, from the curious to the advanced.

All offers include daily breakfast and are available to book now for travels at a later date.

Free yoga classes are also on offer each day in our open-air yoga studio near the shoreline.

Given travel is still in flux these offers have very flexible terms and cancellation policies. See offers here.

Dive Show Special


Discounted Bungalow and Villa rates for any length of stay, and the ability to pre-book a discounted package of 6 dives.
(Book before April 30, 2022)

15% Discount on all bungalows & package of 6 -dives


A ten-night stay package that
includes two guided one-hour
house reef dives (or snorkel)
and two 60-minute Balinese
style massages at the resort’s
Six Elements Spa.
Rates start from €1,000 per bungalow
Diving East Bali


A seven-night stay package for
certified divers featuring six guided
dives that take in our house reef
and other nearby shore dive sites. 
Rates start from €800 per bungalow
Latest Bali Travel Restrictions

Travel rules and regulations are constantly being updated so while we cannot provide any direct advice on entry requirements we suggest Indonesia’s national carrier, Garuda’s, website here, International Travel Center IATA, and the Indonesian Immigration website here, as some places to start when you decide to visit Bali.

Until we can see you here in Bali, we wish you all the best,
Your Siddhartha Oceanfront Resort & Spa Team



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